Excellent Value In Artist Hair Brushes Intended For A Few Days

Serious artists, students and hobbyists alike are always looking for great values in artist hair brushes. Today the top value available is available from Art Supply Central at Amazon .Com. Here you can find a generous and elegant fourteen piece artist brush kit comprising thirteen high quality brushes plus a handsome and durable wallet style travel case. This kit is a great upgrade on serious artists, crafters and hobbyists or as a gift.

Superb Construction

These artist hair brushes are handcrafted of natural beech wood with high quality bristles firmly set in place on perfectly fitted aluminum Ferrules so the artist never needs to concern yourself with shedding bristles. You can find seven natural bristle brushes to be used with oil paints and six synthetic bristle brushes to be used with acrylics and watercolors. You can tell the brushes apart in a flash for the reason that natural bristle brushes have natural wood finish handles. The synthetic bristle brushes have stained brown wood handles.

Simplicity could be the watchword with this attractive, practical, well-built pair of brushes. The handles fit comfortably inside the artist’s hand. True is of a top quality, sturdy design that can be used for carrying, storage so that as a stand in the artist’s studio.

Beautiful Presentation

The presentation on this trendy fourteen piece artist brush set is pretty impressive. Each brush is protected by a unique individual plastic sleeve. Filbert, flat, round and fan shaped brushes are presented in the natural and artificial bristle types. The brushes are held securely set up by sturdy, yet user friendly snaps. It’s no wonder that reviewers uniformly gives this set five stars and rave reviews! Oahu is the perfect purchase as a gift or as an easy way of stocking up on good quality supplies for that serious artist or student.

Unsurpassed Value

When it comes to providing tremendous value, Art Supply Central seems to be a business which goes out of its approach to top so many other characters. This original kit is really a fabulous value at top dollar with no extras however, for any little while it’s offered by 42% with the inclusion of the fine artist detail brush. Supplies are limited with this extremely useful item, so potential customers are encouraged to create a haste! With a one year guarantee and a straightforward, straight forward return guarantee first time buyers from Art Supply Central should buy confidently.